Could it be progressing?

I am now 50 and was officially diagnosed with RRMS in 2017. Looking back there were clear symptoms for years in the run up to the diagnosis (pins and needles, double vision, dizziness). I was prescribed Copaxone injections. My latest MRI showed little change. I mentioned pain in left arm and hand which was impacting on my work (sometimes only able to type with my right hand). Neurologist sent me for a MRI of my neck which showed a small but significant lesion on the spinal cord. Right hand tremors sporadically and pain on a daily basis which has now been going on for over 6 months. Neurologist has now changed medication to Siponimod. Could this be transitioning to SPMS. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hi, well yes it possibly could. But you really need to ask your neuro, as we cant give such answers reliably.

Yes it could be progressing. However, not all Progressive MS shows up on an MRI. Look up NEIDA Smouldering MS Prof G: symptoms clearly progressing but not detectable. My MRI’s suggest I’ve been effectively NEIDA since 2017 yet back then I could work, play sport and live normally whereas now I need my electric chair for walks above 100m; sometimes less.

Thank you for your replies. I really appreciate it. I have had a quick look at the above article which is very informative. Unable to go through it at present in greater detail - brain fog at this time of night. I think I will contact Consultant from some clarity, I didn’t ask any questions at the time of last appointment. If I don’t have specific questions written down prior to appointments it flings me off guard as to what further information I need. Appreciate your advise, thank you and take care. Dandy.