could i have MS

Sorry long story. I am 44 year old female

I have had issues with painful joints since i was 11, (growing pains the doctor said)

carried on into teenage years sporadic episodes of fatigue and pain (hormones the gp said). In my late 20s i had issues with more painful joints falls fatigue ( lose weight the gp said)

roll on into my 40s and over the years since the start at 11 ,

still painful joints periods of extreme fatigue dizziness bladder and bowel issues eye problems (tilted disc test for papliodema, eyes changing from short to long sighted), feeling like bugs crawling on my brain, face/jaw pain obstructive sleep apnea, twitches in my legs. pins and needles in my hands arms legs sometimes areas what i can only describe that feel like numb patches in my lower back. I sometimes feel like i have an alien growing/moving in my stomach (only way i can think to describe it) hand leg week ness.

my original gp wouldnot look at symptoms as a whole but talk about each individually so treating the symptom maybe not finding the cause so i changed the gp i see.

now i have been diagnosed with Ehlers- Danlos_ syndrome, fibromyalgia, ibs, incontinence, menhoragia, tilted disc in my eyes, along with a long list of other things.

I recently had an MRI, CT scan in-depth eye exam and i have been referred to a neurologist at salford royal I know no one can say yes you have MS but the specialist i have been referred to is an MS specialist I am just trying to find out information as to if this is a possibility and why they have sent me to this neurologist in particular as no one has told me that it was a chance i could have MS.

hi sweetie

a general neurologist needs to pass you onto a specialist for the diagnosis.

you need to hear it from the specialist, nobody on here can really say anything else.

the good news is that salford royal is a brilliant hospital.

i have an appointment there myself on the 17th december.

if you DO get diagnosed with ms, then many of your other diagnoses may fall under the umbrella of ms, thus making it all a bit easier to manage.

stay calm and wait and see.