Corrie (yes I do watch it)

Will be interesting to see what happens.

In the episode set to be shown on Wednesday 14 June, Johnny admits that he’s been diagnosed with MS, but reveals that he doesn’t want Jenny to find out out of fear that she’ll have to become his carer.

But later on, while alone in his flat, Johnny will be seen stumbling, hitting his head on the coffee table and passing out unconscious.

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i saw last nights episode too-aye will be interesting as no 2 of us the same!

ellie x

yes, it is good that it shows people in their 60s can be diagnosed…he`s had it for years…eye problems.


I did shed a tear when he said he had ms, as I too am around his age and awaiting diagnosis :frowning:

oh luv…I`m 64 and was mis diagnosed with PPMS, in 2003 after several years with typical symptoms…even though 4 MRIs, 2 LPs, 2 EMGs, a VEP, lus bloods showed no proof of it.

That diagnosis was changed to HSP in 2010. It is a similar condition.


Nightmare Polls xx

I saw this storyline coming several weeks ago, don’t expect too much from this as scriptwriters often use MS as a way of getting rid of unwonted characters from soap operas, i’ve seen this before and predict Johnny will be gone within six months as his character has never really developed.

Oh I hope not, I like Johnny in it :slight_smile:

oh no are they going to kill him off?

Johnny dies from ms?

that would be irresponsible and we should write to ITV and warn them that they’ll lose viewers.

carole x

Having seen the post on FB about Hollyoaks running an MS story, we watched a few episodes but thought it was a bit rubbish. We watched Corrie and have to say we were quite impressed by how the portrayed MS. It’s only the first one but we thought it was good.

Strange though. Watching something like this kinda brings it all back to me and I end up feeling like I’ve only just been told, all over again. I could be accused of being in denial but I go about my daily life not taking too much notice. The Corrie scene was so much better than Hollyoaks


Didn’t write the script personally, I don’t know if they intend killing him off, but think it’s more likely he’ll go off somewhere seeking treatment or sun in his retirement.

Btw anyone remember Susan Rose in EastEnders “written” out by moving to Leeds. Or Colin Russell moved to his brothers’ in Bristol? Had to look them up on Wikipedia

Yes, Susan Rose,wife of the (then) market manager and mum to Matthew?, no idea who Collin Russell is though, Susan Rose collapsed in the pub. Waterloo Road did the worst ever storyline apart from almost every episode of House, where MS was ruled out within minutes!

on the same night as the Corrie episode about Johnny and m.s. there was a ‘true-life’ programme about a GP practice in London.

Young mother complaining of occasional numb hands - thought she had carpal-tunnel?? syndrome.

Straight away GP asked if she had any visual problems - patient reported occasional blurring. GP asked if anyone in the family had m.s. and explained that the symptoms the patient had were suggestive of m.s. and she was going to refer patient to a neurologist.

20 years ago patient would have been told it was caused by stress and sent on her way!

When I first experienced numbness in 1999; bear in mind it started in my feet but I ended up numb up to my waist…GP said it was a VIRUS!!!

I was a bit disappointed with it … not sure what I expected but didn’t like the fact straight after he has done the telling his leg gives way and he ends up whacking his head …seemed a bit ott …

Since my original diagnosis back in the early nineties I’ve been told I’m sitting/sleeping on a nerve, ive got carpal tunnel syndrome, and I’ve got sciatica, I need to change my washing powder/shower gel because of the itching, Ok I get I’m not perfect and some of my symptoms might genuinely have nothing to do with my ms. I’ve posted before about my GP dismissing me, so I can only conclude that GPs aren’t all good diagnosticians.

As soon as Jonny started discussing his previous symptoms I immediately diagnosed MS.

i found out today the actor who plays Jonny has said he isn’t aware of whether his character has any long term in Corrie as he’s only on an annual contract.

There will always be some criticism over the way stories are shown/handled. The plus side is though, that it reaches a massive audience who may learn something? Soaps don’t have have the luxury of being time accurate, as can be seen with other story lines x


I saw that too Krak and knew what the doc was going to say…


Yes I do watch it but I do find the script a bit irritating at times. People going to prison for minor offences for example.

I do wonder how fast his MS will progress and how real to life his experience will be.

Perhaps the script writer has some first hand experience with MS ? Does anyone know ?

I don’t know ~ all I know is that sometimes they get carried away ~ a bit like Neighbours when a lady was diagnosed with MS and Oh this is happening and Oh now shes going blind and Oh throw in this for good measure. Script writers can get carried away trying to make episodes better but often miss the point. Can we expect Johnny saying how tired he is ? I doubt it he has a factory to run. Will one of his legs vanish ?

Squeak Squeak campers.

Mr Mouse

Richard says,

Talking about how he had prepared for his character’s story, he said: “From speaking with the MS Society, I have learned you should try to get on with building creatively and positively, and try to be courageous

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