Corbyn's speech today

Corbyn says the Tories have created a “hostile environment” for disabled people.

The Tories have created a ‘hostile environment’ for disabled people. Hundreds of people write to me about it every week, people like Richard who says: “My wife was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis 20 years ago. A few months ago we were told that she needed to reapply for Personal Independence Payments. She had an assessment by someone who wasn’t medically trained, we have now been told that all her benefit will be stopped.”

Richard adds: “I have tried to be her rock but the stress and suffering I can see my wife going through is so very cruel and I have had to be put on anti-depressants.”

These are the human consequences of a Tory Government that puts tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of care for disabled people.

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The opportunity to vote in a government that fulfils its responsibilities to all citizens - instead of stealing from them so they have to go to food banks etc - can’t come soon enough.


Yes, I watched the conference, and I noticed the TUC supports: Stop and Scrap Universal Credit.

Evidently, the DWP staff call Universal Credit the “circle of hell”. I know little about the policy, but

from what others say it is worse than applying for PIP.

The campaign says:

10 reasons why Universal Credit should be stopped

  1. Unbearably long waits for claimants to receive money
  2. People can only apply for Universal Credit online making it inaccessible for many
  3. Not enough help for claimants when the system fails them
  4. Rent paid directly to claimants instead of Landlords causing people to get into arrears and even to lose their homes
  5. Letting agents are already refusing to rent to anyone claiming Universal Credit
  6. Cruel sanctions for both in-work and out-of-work claimants
  7. Payments only go to one named member of a household
  8. Universal Credit takes 63p in every £1 people earn
  9. Universal Credit leaves many working families much worse off than the old system
  10. People in part-time work could be forced to give up work that suits their disability or family life in order to take up worse paid full-time work or risk sanctions.

More info here: