Coping with MS on busy days?

Hi everyone,

Obviously everyone experiences MS differently; I just want to know if this is something any of you can relate to and what you do to help ease symptoms.

Today I went shopping with some girlfriends, we got to the mall around 1, but by two o’clock I was absolutely knackered and just wanted to go home (despite looking forward to this all week). Every time we would pass a chair I would have to sit down. Also, when I am extremely tired, I exhibit behaviours that look similar to someone who is drunk (slurred speech, trouble walking) which is very embarrassing, especially when I am with my friends. I also kept getting extremely hot, even though I was just wearing a light sweater. By the end of the day I was cover in sweat. We ended up leaving early because I felt like I was going to drop, which caused me to feel guilty and like I ruined our special day… I told them next time to just go without me :frowning:

When I got home, I napped for 5 hours and woke up with pins and needles and from the waist down.

I know this is a disease that I will have to learn to live with, but I am only 22. If I can’t even survive a fun day out with friends now; I am deeply concerned about my future. Does anyone know or have any experience and coping strategies with situations like this? Are there treatments available that might be able to help me? I thought of asking my doctor about Provigil to see if it may help with my fatigue, it has gotten so bad now I am too scared to drive anywhere myself.

hi rena

by all means ask your doctor about provigil but be prepared for the response that it isn’t available.

otherwise be aware of the need to pace yourself, which is cruel at your age!

as for coping strategies, try having a coffee for every 3 alcoholic drinks.

i did that tonight on my first night out with my husband this month.

however i am very drunk and struggling to type.

practice makes perfect so i will continue to try to resume my intake!

the driving thing is a great worry.

try very hard to overcome this hurdle.

it has taken me about 8 years to get to this stage.

don’t get too downhearted.

your friends obviously want you in their lives.

for every friend who drops you, you will find two who do not.

[removed by moderator], this drunken typing is really hard.

carole x