copazone side effect mouth ulcers

Hi, I started on Copazone 6 months ago until March didn’t have any problems,but 4 months ago started having really painful mouth ulcers they took 2 weeks to heal then after 5 days they would be back again,has any one else had problems with Copaxone and mouth ulcers or sore mouth? It sounds like nothing Just having mouth ulcers, but they make me feel so ill.


Hi Sue, bumping you up to front page,

Pat x

Hi Sue,

Are you the same poster who also said she was on a very strict diet, or was that somebody else?

I only ask, because mouth ulcers can sometimes be a symptom of a vitamin deficiency. I think B12 is the common one.

If you are on a radical diet, do be sure it’s satisfying all your nutritional needs, before automatically assuming it’s the Cpaxone. A lot of MSers do have B12 deficiency as well.