Copaxone injection sited

Hi….so I have been infecting copaxone for about 4 months now and can only inject into my belly as he other areas hurt like hell…but my tummy is full of hard lumps under the skin and my skin around the lumps is really itchy…anyone any ideas on how to prevent the itchiness and the hard lumps…it looks and feels awful

It’s a known issue with Copaxone, particularly for slender people. I would think about an alternative drug.

Hi, I was on copaxone for 5 weeks absolutely hated it. That’s exactly what was happening to me. Very bad site injections. I decided to come off it. It was affecting my self esteem!

Hello, I’ve been on Copaxone for nearly a year and a while back started to inject into gentle pinched skin which tends to help. My wife helps with injections when needed in arms and upper hips, as difficult to use the injector pen in these regions. Hope this also works for you also.

There are plenty of alternatives out there, so I think you should make it clear that you want to try something else. Such reactions can be very unpleasant and they are a known hazard with Copaxone. The injectable I was on was Avonex, and that sounds as if it would be worse being an intramuscular injection but actually it’s a piece of cake to do and no site reactions whatsoever. But there are so many to choose from now. All I would say is: if your advisors want you to persevere until you change to an alternative, then please consider that carefully - the protection that Copaxone gives you is valuable.