Hi everyone I know this subject has been tackled many times so forgive me for asking the same question. On the forum it has been mentioned about something quite expensive which can be bought to help constipation. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note of it so please could you tell me again the name of it ( I think it can even be bought on amazon) It’s not senna or movicol. Thanks Roberta

Hi Roberta. Are you referring to oxypowder? It can be bought from amazon . Amazing stuff, I use it every day and am never constipated. And it really helps my energy levels. Pm me if you have any more questions about it. Cheers, Lisa x

Hi Lisa Thank you very much that is the name. I will order some now. Roberta


a useful trick is to click on save to favourites if someone posts something that you want to remember.

carole x

Hi, I’m currently reading a book on Leaky Gut Syndrome, and in there it mentions a treatment for constipation - 1 teaspoon of caster oil followed by slowly sipping a hot drink, eg. herbal tea. Repeat every 4 hours until the desired result is achieved. Heather