Constipation & Microlax mini enemas

I use Laxido but find I can’t manage the final ‘push’. Is there a problem using a Microlax mini enema every time? It always works.within a couple of minutes .


I take a laxido daily, plus eat a high fibre diet and drink lots of water. If I miss ‘going’ one day, I take an extra laxido. My gp says it is safe to take up to 8 a day…as advised on the box.

I also have trouble ,‘pushing’ like you. Most of the time, gravity helps. It just takes time to happen. I do crosswords to help!


Hi John

I don’t think the micro enemas are meant to be for everyday use.

Have you thought about trying Peristeen? It’s less harsh on your bowels than the enemas, they call it an irrigation system. If you have a continence nurse you could raise it with him/her.

I have to be honest, I couldn’t get on with Peristeen, but many people absolutely swear by it. So I reckon it’s worth a go. And I couldn’t really get on with micro enemas either (with both I had trouble expelling the liquid/poo) so if you manage well with micro enemas then Peristeen might be just the thing.



I think I have misunderstood…micro enemas are different to movicol/laxido