Constipation advice

Well he knows his shit

I’ve blocked a few loos as well. My previous neighbour kept complaining about blocked drains and always blamed the tenants opposite her who were less than clean. My favourite (private) joke was that it was probably me . (We lived in very old houses and the drains from each house converged at a junction in her garden.) This is the only place where I feel I can share that …

Tracey x

Greetings and I hope you haven’t completely melted.Having read about oxy powder on here I aske the girl with the colonic irrigation machine if she had any thoughts.She’d heard good reports from many people, so I looked on Amazon. 120 tablets cost £32 and the comments left on Amazon were very encouraging.

The first day I took it the results were pleasing,but the day after tinsel and holly from last christmas appeared.I am well impressed with the stuff and the results mean I don’t feel so sluggish and am about 33 stone lighter.If you mentioned the stuff,thank you and I hope it’s still working for you.