Hi I’m Nessa

I have been feeling quite alone and a little like I’m mad with how my body is feeling.

To start I have type 1 diabetes and I’m on a pump and manage this well, I’ve been diabetic 5years ,diagnosed at 44.

I also have have a second chronic illness called interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome.

the past three years I have had body aches, (saw rheumatologist,not fibromyalgia).

first strange thing that happened was… I drove to the supermarket and went to hop out and could not hold my own weight, I could not stand up. I could drive home tho. My grandson let me put my body weight on him and helped me to my bed.

my legs felt very heavy hours later when I had to go to the toilet. This did not happen again.

last year or so I have had numbness tingling pins and needles and crawlers, this comes and goes at will.

six weeks ago I was reading my phone watching tv and I felt huge pressure in my right eye that forced my eyes in towards my nose(that’s how it physically felt) vision wise I was blurry and the texts on my phone were squiggly, this lasted about 5 minutes. Then I get numbness from head to toe in my right side for six days. My face felt like it does when you have local from a dentist… it was quite unnerving.

I came right for three weeks now I’m just sore all over numbness tingling balance problems puns and needles every s aches headaches lower back pain.

quite frankly I think my body is stuffed…

i feel very alone.

im having a contrast cat scan next Wednesday

but after reading so many testimonies I feel truly that I’m going to be left alone again to deal with all these symptoms with no diagnosis and no support… I have been thru this with diabetes as they said I was type 2 for a year and I was extremely unwell for that long till one nurse asked for a gas test which confirmed my type one diagnosis. And interstitial cystitis took five years to diagnose… now here I am again… I’ll lose my job soon then my home then… we’ll who cares after that…,

I really think all of you did so well to get to your diagnosis. I don’t no what I have but I no it’s not right for.

ive learned to listen to my body…

thanks for reading



Have you looked into any of your symptoms being linked to your diabetes, like diabetic neuropathy?

hi, yes my endocrinologist said no it wasn’t that as I’ve only been diabetic for 4 years and my bs are controlled well.

Today my left arm fingers were numb and sore and tingling and I’m limping a bit as my left leg feels numb and weak…

Hi no I’ve only been diabetic for four years, my endo didn’t think so as I have good control also.