Confused re. walking sticks?

A friend who has recently recovered from a hip replacement gave me a walking stick, and though I manage without one now, I feel eventually I may need to use one, at least on bad or long days. :o So I thought I’d do a bit of practising around her house holding it in my right hand to support my weak right leg, didn’t feel right at all then my friend told me I should be holding it in my left hand to support my right leg! :shock: Now I’m totally confused as neither feels comfortable, sooooo can anyone tell me…is there a right or wrong method to using a walking stick, and do they take a bit of practice? :wink:

Hi Yes you hold it in the hand opposite to your weak side. As your weak leg goes forwards you should put the stick forwards at the same time. Takes a bit of getting used to but that’s how I was taught when I broke my leg many years ago. S x

Assuming your left arm and hand are OK, then you would normally use the stick in the left hand if it is your right leg that’s weaker. You should try and put the stick down when you put your right foot down and leave it there until you step on your left leg. Then move it through as you move your right leg. The stick shouldn’t be out at an angle - it should basically be an extension of your arm. It’s very important that the stick is the right height. Check this by putting it by your side when you are standing. Let your arm rest down by your side. The stick should come to the lines on your wrist. The type of handle matters too. It needs to be comfy! Hth :slight_smile: (It’s based on what my neurophysio told me + experience.) Karen x

It’s important to get it right - I bought a stick from Argos and used it wrong, now I have a very painful shoulder and bad posture. If you ask your GP or MS nurse to refer you to a physio, they can give you an ergonomic stick of the right height and make sure you are using it properly. Luisa

Thank you all so much for your very informative replies… back to some more practice for me! Wishing you all well :smiley: