Confused by CIS

So here is my story, nearly three years ago I started experiencing pain in my bac and spasms and a tight contraction in my left knee which would lock up and be excruciating to unlock and click.

A had a horrific day where I felt really ill, stiff all over, pain, my head hurt and eyes and though I was dying and had to be picked up from my car by my wife as I couldnt stand and the world was spinning. I saw my GP who said he thought it was a migrane and to law down, two days later it started to subside and was gone within five days.

A few weeks later my eyes were blurred and painful so I visited the opticians who said it was probably eye strain from viewing a computer. So I carried on, I was having twitches on my outside leg and reoccuring back pain and stiffness in my shoulders and neck.

I was feeling tired and I mean shattered not like a normal tired, I needed to sleep every hour I was not working and had back pain, stiff legs, neck and pins and needles in my hands and toes and also an excrutiating pain from my big toe to my back sometimes.

This progressed on until I went back and back to my GP who eventually did all bloods which were clear accept Vitamin D deficiency which was sorted by lifelong suppliments. Eventually I was sent to see a rheumatologist who said it was Fibromyalgia, I also had Myofacial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue, and sensory sensitivity syndrome thrown in too.

The March 2016 I was at a conference and went to get up one morning and felt numb in my left and pain and struggled to walk, I made it down the stairs to say I could not go that day and then back to bed taking painkillers for the next three days.

After this my mobility seemed to plummet massively and I slowed down massively, I also noticed that on some days I had a fog or issues thinking, since then I have had trigger point injections, amatrypoline, painkillers, infusions and more to deal with it and have suffered with everything.

Around October last year I had another few days where things got worse again and I noticed that I was clumsy, dropping things, bumping into things and falling over, needing the toilet more than normal especially at night, stiff muscles on my legs, lower and middle and spine pain nearly every day. My hands also feel tight like I have been gardening and I have been getting hot very easily and found that getting into a bath no matter how hot initially makes me feel like my legs are burning. I have had my neck go numb which was scary on multiple occasions

I have also developed a scratching issue where I am scratching all over.

I eventually went to my GP about a month ago and asked for an MRI and was given one without contrast after I had been driving and had a pain across my right hand side and across my chest

As I returned from holiday last week I had a further episode where I felt the worse I have ever been, pain in my jaw, knees, head, I literally wanted the plane to stop and had to seriously medicate and just about cry as there was nothing I could do.

Upon my return the following day the dr called me in to tell me that my test results had shown a 6.3mm lesion on the front subcortical area of my brain and demylination and so I am now awaiting a Neurologist appointment.

Sorry for the long text but I thought I may give some inside into some of this.

My questions are where do you do from here ? Am I right in thinking a contrast MRI, Lumbar puncture and Evoked potential test will need to be done ? instead of getting better I am getting worse everytime I have a bad period and not better at all.

My suspicion is that I have probably had a few attacks by whatever it is, but will this now be catagorised as a CIS ? and then have to wait longer for more attacks ? as that worries me as each one is making me worse and worse. Thanks Mark