confused and worried

I recieved a letter on Sat saying that I am to be referred from a brilliant neuro, to an unknown who will be at yet another hosp. So far thats the 5th hosp,and third neuro. 

Their reason being, they haven't got an ms nurse for me to see so I cant start DMD !!!!!

I am one of the lucky few who has seen two ms nurses and started on copaxone last month,I have my next two months of ms nurse check ups booked and I also have a specialist neuro rehab nurse.

I spoke to a secretary who will email my neuro, as my main panic is who is going to ensure my copaxone keeps coming and how the hell am I getting it with no one knowing its already happening???? The secretary had never heard of the hospital I see the nurses at.

Now I'm holding my breath for a sec to call back...and does this not just prove a paperless system just cant be trusted.

They tell us not to stress!



That's a nonsense!

Good luck with sorting it out!

Karen x

Ditto - this sounds like a complete mess.

Hope youn get it sorted Pip.



Sounds a bit bonkers! Hope you hear soon and it gets sorted for you