Confused and impatient.

Hi, I’ve been reading many posts on this site over the last month or so, I was hoping to share my story and maybe get some feedback on my story so far and any ideas where this is going? Thanks in advance. I very recently seen a Neurologist after 12 months of feeling unwell and experiencing strange sensations. I gave birth to my third child last February and just prior to delivery I had some strange sensations that I don’t think were pregnancy related, certainly not something I’d experienced.

I went blind in my right eye, all I could see were flash bang symbols, I struggled to text my boyfriend and tell him how I was feeling, one because I couldn’t see half the screen and two I was spelling everything wrong and although I could see it was wrong and then struggled to delete and I retyped it wrong again. Anyway I called an ambulance and when they got her I was quite confused and couldn’t find my words, I thought at the time I was in shock and scared. I got to the labour ward and they induced my labour very quickly. I had my daughter and everything seemed ok, my sight returned and I was as sharp as ever.

A few weeks passed and I was making excuses for lingering aches and pains and fatigue. I was breast feeding on demand so I expected some tiredness but this was like nothing I’d felt before, my right side from my head to my lower back was in severe pain and of an evening when I got to bed and finally started to relax I would get this awful feeling in my right forearm and hand, it almost felt like pre-cramp and I wanted to hit it with a hammer, I was exhausted and it prevented me sleeping.

My symptoms seemed to get worse, I felt very weak down my right side and for the first time ever in October I felt I was walking funny. As my Mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis I was referred to a Rheumatologist who thought possibly RA and Fibromyalgia. I had a spinal MRI and herniated discs at L4 and 5, I was then referred to a spinal Surgeon who said yes herniated discs, they’re painful but you don’t need surgery. He then said a portion of the MRI was not 3D and did a reflex test and reffered me to a Neurologist. I was waiting for an appointment when I randomly received a call that there had been a cancellation, I saw the Neurologist and he said there was some inflammation at T10 and diagnosed a likely past Transverse Myelitis and I had a brain MRI 3 weeks ago, awaiting results, impatiently! Do you think he is looking for MS? Although I start my story from last February I have been suffering intermittently since 2008 with severe back ache, pyelonephritis x2, severe cystic acne (came from out of the blue,never had before) sinusitis, depression, anxiety, this weird feeling in my arm and two lots of tonsillitis. Thanks for reading.

Hi KayT. I am not an expert at all - this is the first time I have been on the forum for years since I got my diagnosis.

I believe there is a high incidence of transverse myelitis being linked with MS. Infact my best friend who was recently diagnosed with MS had her first presentation as a transverse myelitis. Diagnosis has taken 10 years of very vague symptoms.

I am pretty certain that he is looking for brain lesions to see if there is evidence of MS. Like I say I am not an expert at all.

Good Luck xxx I hope you don’t feel to anxious about it all. Personally I was pleased to find a reason for my symptoms and MS disease modifying drugs are so good now that outcomes have improved massively.

This forum is amazing and a very useful resource.

hi Kay T

whatever it is causing you all this weirdness, be it ms or not, you are moving in the right direction.

you are on the books of a neuro and have had an MRI.

just wait a patiently as you can manage and don’t get stressed because that only makes everything worse.

congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

don’t allow any of this neurological malarkey spoil your enjoyment of her.

14 months is a beautiful age and i’m feeling a bit wistful. mine are 28 and 29.

if it is ms then you know where we all are and will welcome you with open arms.

carole x

Thank you so much for your replies Frazzledmum and Catwomancarole it means a lot to me. Katie xx

Hi, me again, I spent last night in A and E, I had the strange feeling in my arm accompanied by a serious spasming (not sure that’s a word) neck, a really strange headache, sensitive scalp and a little right eye pain. Anyway after waiting ages the doctor said neck spasm and to get a massage, she also took a sneaky look at my radiologist report from my latest brain MRI. Now she said I should wait for the Neurologist’s interpretation but from what radiologist said, looks good. She printed it off for me and says a couple of white matter hyperintensities which are within the normal limits for a patient my age. I’m 37. Spinal cord all fine so previous findings on my first spinal MRI in October were end of field artefact. Does that mean no Transverse Myelitis? Now I’m even more confused :frowning: any advice? Thoughts? I was so hoping to hear something soon but the radiologist only completed that report on the 31st so still have to wait to see what Neurologist says.

7th SEpt woke with numb foot it spread up leg to wiping area of bum! then to other foot , now numb left boob and chest area, Had lumbar MRI 5th Oct- no cause found but C + T MRI done 26th Oct found -this- please can anybody tell me if i have MS? I have no pain and no eye problems - just buzzing 24/7in back and in legs on standing- here is the latest report - i am seeing nero this thus.–Clinical history: Positive sensory symptoms in both legs. Vague sensory level mid thoracic. Neurology outpatient appointment 07/11/2019. The patient had lumbar spine MRI 05/10/2019 (for given history of left leg, buttock and perineal numbness) and this was not repeated. Normal cervical and thoracic spinal alignment with preservation of vertebral body height and signal. There are mild degenerative disc changes for age with no results in central canal or exit foraminal narrowing. At Tl, there is mild expansion of the cord which contains intrinsic T2 high signal. Possible further small focus of T2 high signal within the cord at T7/T8. The remainder of the cord returns normal signal. No focal abnormality identified within the imaged brainstem or other posterior fossa structures. Impression: Abnormality within the cord at Tl and possibly T7/T8. The imaging differential includes an inflammatory or demyelinating process. Completion imaging of the brain suggested with high resolution axial sequences through the cord. The patient may also require CSF assessment.

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