Common or not?

Good evening,

i was was at the doctors today, hoping he would say I was fit to go back to work, but alas not, my BP was too high! But that’s a storey for another day.

However, he did say something interesting, I was asking about MS care in general, and at my surgery, there is no single GP that has any specialist interest or in depth knowledge of MS, in fact the phrase he used was “MS is not a common disease”, so I was wondering was it once more common than it is now? Is it a rare condition?

Any thoughts appreciated,


In my experience, GPs don’t tend to know a lot about MS. If you think about their job, they are expected to have a good grasp of things they see everyday and a basic knowledge of other disorders.

Eventually, they might learn more from you.

In the meantime, your MS nurse needs to be your coordination between neurologist and GP.


Charabanc(…), I’ll never forget it, at the GP (who I respected a lot BTW) the little hammer came out at some point, leg came up and next I was referred to a neurologist (a Mr Martin, DEC 2003), the rest is history… Take care.

my gp was quite rare in that he really listened and he was extremely thorough.

i was diagnosed within a year.