Coming off!

Hi! I have just seen neuro and he has told me to reduce my dose from 75mg to 25mg. He said to start tonight… surely I should do it gradually?! Im worried that if I reduce it by 50mg in one go im gonna feel horrible?! So frustrated! My mri shows new lesions but still refusing to diagnose… and now I feel this advise of stopping meds is totally wrong?! :frowning: Not a good day!


i have taken amitriptyline previously-tho dont now.

i guess up to 100mg is considered a small dose compared to antidepressant levels HOWEVER for nerve pain i guess it works slightly differently but i am with u-gradual definitely.

i would be happier taking 75 then 50 alternate for few days then 50 then 50 and 25 alternate thenie 25 and even down to 25 or 10 alternate nights only. i know of folk that have reduced too quickly and it was h*ll!

stupid dr!

good luck, i hope it works out right for u, ellie

When I came off amytriptyline the GP gave me some 10mg tabs so that I could do it very gradually. (I was taking 75mg) I reduced by 10mg once every 2 weeks until I got to zero. I had no bad effects.


Ah thank you! You have confirmed what I thought! Think ill stick to my normal dose till I can get to my gp on monday. thank you! X

I agree, one neuro told me to come down from 100mg to 75mg…I was fine…then down to 50g and bam!!! serious pains returned. I stick to 75mg a night now, as I know thats my bodys preferred dose.


Same as Wendels I have 50mg and 10mg to lower/up dosage :slight_smile: I was really poorly pain wise reducing them last year to indroduce new med, then got told to reduce new med and up the Ami again , so please be careful, slowly does it :slight_smile: Mich x