Combatting stiffness


I have spasms at night and hold them at bay with Baclofen. In recent weeks I’ve been struggling with stiffness during the day, not spasms but the feeling you get before a spasm if that makes sense?! I’m loathe to take antispasmodic drugs during the day because they tend to knock me out but I wondered if anyone has any tips to relieve this constant feeling of tension in my body that’s quite hard work!

Many thanks

Becky x

Hi, I just keep moving in the day, because when I stop thats when I really seize up.

I find magnesium eases problems with spasm and might be worth trying, as it is only a beneficial mineral. Regular stretching will probably help too.

Magnesium spray from Holland and Barrett really helps me. Beware it is an oil and is a lethal slip hazzard if you get it on the floor. I spray it on my palm and massage it into the affected area.

Hi Bewcky,

Ask your MS nurse or Dr for referral to a physio. They can show you which exercises may ease the stiffness.

I feel like the tin man sometimes!