Cold turkey with meds

I am undiagnosed but just about to see Neuro.

I decided a couple of days ago to stop the meds I have been prescribed by my GP, Diclofenac, co codamol and Amitripyline.

I have a feeling the Neuro will ask what relief I am getting from this medication, I have been taking 4, 8, 1 + stomach meds, all in its 17 tablets a day.

And the strange thing is I an just the same, I have exactly the same pain and stiffness etc than I did days ago, which says to me they are not working, just sorry that I didnt try this before and save my body from absorbing all this medication.

Hi Hopepray, what you might be suffering is withdrawal from the drugs. I don’t know about the other ones but I know that withdrawing from Amitriptyline should be done by slowly weaning off.

I hope the neuro can come up with some answers for your symptoms and hopefully the withdrawal symptoms will end soon. Pain and stiffness are a withdrawal symptom from Ami.

Take care and hope you feel better soon,

Pat x

Cocodamol and diclofenac do not work for neuropathic pain / sensory symptoms so I would guess that’s why you’ve noticed no difference.

Amitriptyline does work, but only after a few weeks and only at the right dose. So I would guess that your symptoms are not neuropathic or you weren’t on a high enough dose / for long enough.

Either way, I think it’s sensible to wait and see what the neuro thinks.

Please note that although you can go cold turkey with cocodamol and, I think, with diclofenac, it is recommended to slowly reduce the dose of amitriptyline before stopping it or it can cause withdrawal effects.

Karen x

Hi, sorry I should have been clearer, I was only taking one 10mg Ami at night.

However I got to teatime tonight and I am dosed up again, I think the cold really got to me today and I could barely walk at teatime. So the meds were oviously dulling some of the pain, off for a warm bath and hopefully some sleep before my 140 mile return journey in the snow for my appointment tomorrow.

Will let you know on Sat how I got on.

BTW a bright spark at work today said 150 mg of Ami is normal so the GP cant really think there is anything worng with me, cheers for that matey.

hi i am dx with rrms and i take amitriptyline amongst other stuff and what i’ve been led to believe from my nurse is that the max of amitriptyline is 70mg for neuro pain…i may be wrong and hopefully someone who knows better can give you a def answer


Im sure you are right Baz, like I say this bright spark (or whatever you want to call him) was just trying to big up that I was only on a small dose, to be honest I would rather not be on any kind of dose.


HopePray, re your ‘bright spark’ at work… 150mg is normal for Ami to treat depression.

Baz is right, 10mg to 70mg is usually prescribed for neuro pain.

Pat x