cold and walking

Hi all,

2 things I have cold that wont shift - any remedies? also anything to stop a cold exacerbating MS symptoms in my case walking

thanks amy x

Hi Amy,

For how long “won’t it shift”? If a cold lasts longer than about a week, or ten days, at the very most, then it’s probably no longer a cold, but you have a secondary infection. The only way to shift this is antibiotics, from the doctor.

As for stopping infections exacerbating symptoms, no, I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s any way to do that. If there was, we’d all want it! The only thing that might help is that if the cold or infection is feverish, to take paracetamol, to keep the temperature down. Increased symptoms are sometimes linked to raised body temperature, so if you treat the fever, they may lessen.

That’s all I can suggest, sorry.