Cluster headaches

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all well as you can be. I need a bit of advice.

Does anyone suffer with headaches or migraine? I’ve had a headache for nearly two weeks varying in severity. I’ve had similar headaches before, feeling like my head and face are being squeezed and feeling like my head could explode, it is very painful. How do you manage them? I’m losing the will to live, it’s affecting my work and I can’t function properly. Any ideas what causes them? Ive heard it could be the lesions and disrupted nerves paths! Please help!

Mini x

Hi Mini

cant help in what causes them. But I too suffer with headaches. Mostly migraines that last for a few days. But am left with a normal headache most of the time. I try to drink plenty of water and fresh air helps a but. I do take nurofen when the migraines are more than I can bear. I do know some meds contribute. Sorry I cannot be if any real help.

lou Lou x

Thanks you two x