Clinically isolated syndrom

Hi all hope your all doing well, i was given a diagnosis of clinically isolated syndrome after the results of an Mri on my brain found an area of demyelination, i had gone to my gp and referred on due to loss of sensation in my face and a couple of other bits and bobs. I later had a lumbar puncture and received a very brief letter saying all was normal and i was to keep being reviewed, surely the lp results reduce my chances of having/getting ms dramatically? am i likely to be given the all clear in the future or because i have had this one episode will i carry the cis label forever ? plus i have been called for a flu jab because of it why ? so many questions sorry

Hi Sue, and welcome.

Although, with a bit of luck, you may never get MS, and nothing else may happen your whole life, unfortunately, once it has happened, you will never be given the all clear, as you put it. It will just lie on file forever, with the possibility that IF there is ever any repetition/further evidence, it will potentially be upgraded to a diagnosis of MS.

There’s no time expiry, I’m afraid.

People with certain long term conditions, including MS, or neurological problems resembling MS, are strongly recommended to get the flu’ jab.

Any infection can exacerbate symptoms, but more importantly, it’s been statistically shown that in people with MS/potential MS, a bout of flu significantly increases the chance of relapse (i.e. another episode) for up to about five weeks afterwards.

So whilst flu is “nastier” for anyone with less than perfect health in the first place, the real reason for recommending protection is the known link with increased disease activity.

I got my first flu’ jab before MS was formally diagnosed - as soon as it was even suspected. I asked, and was told yes straight away. I’ve had it ever since, and never suffered a bad reaction, beyond a slightly bruised injection site.



Thank you so much for your reply Tina, i suppose i am just hoping this would disappear and i need not think about it again, i am hoping this was a glitch and that’s the end of it. I will go and have the vaccine i was just a little curious why. Its quite harsh to be left with "come back if there is anything else " but i guess that is the nature of the condition. I never really asked any questions at the time of my neuro appointment and wont have another till March i wish i knew more about what the doctors are thinking, thank you again Tina it helps to come on here with my queries xx