Clearing own mind

Hi all

There are times I just wish I could forget I,ve got MS the fact my body doesn’t work properly should

be enough thinking constantly about it is just too much? Perhaps this is true idea of mindfulness

trying to focus purely on the her and now on your surroundings but this can be so difficult.

Can anyone offer ideas of how best achieve this ?


when i did my mindfulness course one of the first things we were told is to picture something calm and happy. it isn’t easy to do but meditation itself is difficult. the very act of trying seems to help. also i had previously learned to meditate during a yoga class. that flickering candle kept blowing out so the instructor suggested using a colour. i chose green and simply had to paint green over the inside of my eyelids (daft but it worked). got to say that i have never been able to focus on the here and now. it’s natural for attention to wander but you just have to calmly bring it back.