Classical concert


For those who like classical music there will be a concert tomorrow night in Wanstead offering tribute to the late violinist Keith Gurry, formerly of the RPO and the BBC SO. St. Gabriel’s church, Aldersbrook Road, E.11.

I am taking part and will be on stage performing on the real Josef Kloz 1702 (although it’s really about 1768 but the unclear label inside looks like 1702).

If you come, do say hello. Admission is free.



That’s a shame, at one time it would have been local enough for me to go. It’s me that’s moved; Wanstead (as far as I know) is still where it always was.

Hope it goes well for you and Josef K tomorrow night! Why am I thinking of Kafka? And why does this forum have no winking smiley? Everywhere has a winking smiley!


Hi Mark,

I hope Josef Kloz remembers you and it must be so exciting to get to play him again - do you call your violin ‘him’ or ‘it’?

I wish I could come and see and hear you play. I hope you have a great concert.

best wishes,


Hello Mark,

Unfortunately I can’t make your concert (live in Yorkshire), but hope it goes well.

Best wishes, Mary

Thanks K

The concert was fine, thank you. My violin is just a violin, so it’s ‘it’. No fancy names, the sound is enough.


Hi Mark,

I’m glad the concert was fine. I play the violin as well, but it’s not my first instrument, however, I love it. I forget I have MS when I play - well, most of the time. My bowing arm gets a bit stiff at times and when I had myoclonal jerks it would bounce up and down. I’m on Citalopram now, which has fixed that particular problem!

Hope you are well,


Hi Mark,

What`s the programme? Just a bit to far away to attwend but god luck.

The programme was:

Rondo a la Turca (Mozart/Brian Smith)

Bach; Concerto for Two Violins and strings

Albinoni; Adagio

Capriol Suite (Warlock)

Symphony No.3 (Schubert)

plus a few lighter items, Glen Miller etc.