Christmas Hols - woo hoo!

Finally reached the end of term without getting sacked for doing a crap job (sounds over dramatic, but zero hour contract and no actual diagnosis of anything make a lethal combination!). So over the moon that it’s the holidays. No students until Jan 6th, so a couple of weeks of absolute bliss with hubby & kiddies. A cancellation MRI appointment would make my Christmas perfect (never thought I’d say that).

Always share the crap, so thought I’d share some good stuff too. Have a lovely evening all, and remember, 4 more sleeps!


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hi paula

woo hoo! a whole 2 weeks at home.

hope your MRI comes through soon.

carole x

Great stuff Paula.

Hope you and your`s enjoy the festivities and you manage to get some rest too!

Dont worry about next year…it will take care of itself!

luv Pollx

Christmas term is always so busy. Hope the MRI comes through and you manage to get a good holiday in the meantime.

Seona x