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choosing a DMT ?

Hi everybody. New joiner here … Simple question if anyone would be kind enough to give me pointers - is there a reliable website where I can read a synopsis about efficacy (rankings would be ideal) of DMTs ? I have read repeatedly that efficacy is the starting point when considering which DMT to start … thank you ! I wish you all Seasons Greetings

Hello Matt

Welcome to the forum. The place no one would choose to be welcomed, but regardless, we are all glad it is here.

Yes, simple question, simple answer: MS Decisions aid | MS Trust

This is the best site for looking at DMDs. You need to consider the possible relapse reduction rate versus the potential side effects, together with the options you’ve been offered and your preferred method of administration. Ie injections, tablets or infusion based.

Best of luck.


thank you so much Ssssue. yes not all will be available here (Thailand) and the cost is pretty enormous, but this is exactly the starting point I was looking for !

thank you and Merry Xmas all !

p.s. if anyone knows of any way to get financial help for these medications (or generics) outside of the UK, please do let me know !

Hmmm, no idea how to get funding for drugs outwith the NHS! Sorry. I do feel sorry for anyone who ‘somehow’ has to pay for their own super expensive MS treatments. I know the NHS has its downsides, there’s often a high degree of postcode lottery about it. But actually it does in the main still just about work (until the unvaccinated overrun it with Covid cases - but less said about that the better I suspect, don’t want to wind people up!).

Hopefully someone else will have more information for you Matt.


Ssssue, thank you very much.

Yes state healthcare is a wonderful thing. Far from being bitter or jealous, I am truly happy for those who live in places where it is a reality, to whatever degree.

Please stay safe, to the best of your ability, and Seasons Greetings to all who see this message !