Hi everyone,

just looking for a bit of advice? Has anyone on here used a Chiropractor? I have been told that they are good for helping with re-alignment of the spine/hips etc. My left leg is my affected side…after a short distance I start limping and have been like this since my last relapse (about three years ago), however I am having a lot of hip and lower back pain too. I do feel like I am sometime lob sided before I start walking, if that makes sense. Now as I am limping I know this can then knock alignment out too so had wondered about trying a chiropractor but wondered if anyone here had tried this and also curious to know if the results were beneficial or not?

Thanks in advance xxxx

I have used a chiropractor and osteopath in the past and can’t say it made any difference. The best results I had were from a physio, but you do need to keep following the programme to maintain the benefits.

No harm in trying to see if it helps you though.

I see a chiropractor for my back,I have been seeing him for a number of years.

I see him once a month to keep the back free,like having a service.He is very good and I feel a lot better after seeing him.

As I said this is for my back,I damaged it through years of carrying tv`s about for a living,those days are gone now.

I cannot say this would work for you,but if I knew you and you lived in Norwich I would recommend you see him,he will only treat a person if he can.

My neighbour who is 85 was struggling with her back and neck she went to see him and now can walk further and even last year cut her grass.

Hope you find something that works for you.


I would recommend a neuro physio for helping with body re-alignment. I have been seeing one regularly for years and believe she has made a huge difference to my mobility and reduced stiffness and pain from that. However, I have been seeing her once a week for at least five years (less frequently for the years before that).

Of course, if you want to go down the holistic route, there are other options. I am biased as my wife has just passed her final assessment to become a VHT practitioner (she’s already a practitioner in the equine version) but she has had some very impressive results with her case studies.