Cheap Concert Tickets

Hi, I’ve just booked to see Bill Bailey at the First Direct arena in Leeds.I booked two seats,a wheel chair place for myself and another place for my wife so at 25 pounds a ticket I expected the total to be 50 quid but to my pleasant suprise the bill came to 25 and the lady said because I’ve booked a wheelchair space my companion goes free.I’m now looking to see who else is performing cos it’s almost cheaper than going to the pictures.

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Yes indeedy, one of the pluses of being disabled. Every cloud does have a silver lining xx

Amazing. We (husband and myself) went to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton Pavilion in the autumn, (it’s only been 12 years that I’ve lived a few miles from Brighton and the first time we went there!) and the cost was £9 for me, discounted because of disability and he got in free. That was the best deal ever. And it’s quite good too!


FYI if you apply for a CEA Card you can take a carer to the cinema with you for free. You only need to prove you are in receipt of DLA.

Murraymint x

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Yes and it’s not just arena tours, it’s theatres and most cinemas too. Already got bookings for Al Murray(again) and Avenue Q, which is on tour, already seen Jersey Boys, Warhorse, The Book of Mormon, Al Murray (front row, he ordered me a fruit based drink, then ordered hubby go and pick it up from the bar! lol) Jason Manford a show called Lady Salsa, plenty of other plays to go and see, fancy Private Lives, must mention the outstanding service at the Prince of Wales theatre took us to the bar, showed me where the disabled loos were, came back in time for the interval to make sure we could get out before the rush to the bar, offered to go and order for us, she was brilliant, we didn’t go to the bar but sat and had a good chat with her, exceptional service! Good service in NY, but nowhere near as good as the experiences I’ve had here at home!

Alison x

I go to FD Arena quite often, the seating for comedy acts often means disabled seating can be on the front row. Parking is great for blue badge holders with a number of spaces within 75 metres of the entrance. The disabled entrance is separate for disabled customers so very quick to get inside.

enjoy Bill Bailey


hi dave

i love concerts but had developed a phobia of arenas due to the steep steps with no hand rails.

however a couple of years ago roger waters was paying the manchester arena on my husband’s birthday so i booked an executive box.

a little bit dearer but loads of benefits.

there is a little bar in the box with just a phone.

you lift the handset and someone answers immediately asking what you’d like to drink.

5 minutes later a waitress comes in with your drinks.

the parking is practically in the entrance, and you get your ticket stamped by the waitress so that you don’t pay.

have a good time

carole xxx