Charles Manson


Just read Charles Manson has been found dead in his cell, 80yrs old.


Interesting, where did you read that? If he is, Google’s not picking up on it at the moment.

its a death hoax - quite a few of them doing the rounds

Yeah, the ones I saw where from September last year.

When he does go, it’ll be all over the internet for days! Plus the TV networks will all start showing films and documentaries about him…


Sorry for that, just been on Reuters and it’s not there.

Mate of mine put it on facebook and I should have checked but I didn’t.


i think you meant paul daniels?


Excuse me while my brain processes Paolo’s comment…

—normal service will resume shortly—

Ok, brain’s got it now. Paolo wasn’t actually saying that Paul Daniel’s is a mass murderer…that’s a relief, but that it’s him that’s died.

Well well, I never knew his name was actually Newton, fancy!

wtf? i think daniels has posthumously hypnotised all of us…