Changing treatment from Teriflunomide to Ocrelizumab /Ocrevus

I have relapse and remitting MS.I have been on Teriflunomide for a few years. Unfortunately due to a relapse, my neurologist has recommended me going on Ocrelizumab/ocrevus.
I have been told that I need to wash Teriflunomide out before I start the new treatment.
I’m not sure what to expect but am nervous and would really appreciate any comments from those who changed from Teriflunomide to Ocrelizumab/ocrevus, anyone who is on or has been on Ocrelizumab/ocrevus. How was the first infusion, what if any side effect were there?

Hey, I had my first treatment in May and I feel great. Early days so I can’t give you much on side effects. Hopefully someone on here can help. All the best xx

Hey Peppermint Ange, thank you for your post, it has reassurred me about starting the new treatment. Im glad you are feeling great after your first treamtent.

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