changes to profile info

hello mateys!

I see there`s been a change to our profiles. It doesnt show recent posts or replies now.

i did find this facility useful, when making a new buddy, to see what they have posted about or to find a particular post from a buddy.

can I meekly ask the mods, will it stay the way it is now, please?

Ta lots.


Hi Poll! I noticed this too and i must say it was very useful when you could look back at recent posts to see information that had already been given. Teresa.x

me too poll!

Oh I will miss that as I used vto refer to previous posts I’d done and replies etc. It was useful having that facility. X

Val has told me that Stewart is looking into it. We may get to know summat next week.


Hi Poll - me too! Was very useful to refer back to things. Glad they are looking in to it! xxxjenxx

I’ll add my name to the ‘Bring it back’ list.

Please Stewart - I’ll bake you some chocolate chip cookies!!!


Apologies for the inconvenience, we are looking into it. Please bear with us. We’re lost without it too

Stewart (admin)

Slightly off-topic, but while we’re talking about website issues, I notice that if you click to PM a poster, from their post, you don’t end up on the PM page. :frowning:

The only way to do it seems to be to click on their profile, and then PM from there - which works. But introduces an unnecessary extra step.


Aah that’s great…hopefully well get it back xxx

Hi, glad it isnt only me who misses the info.

I`m sure our Stewart will magic it back for us.