Cervical Smear (for the girls)

Hi all Just been for my smear test. This is my first one since my legs have got really bad. Oh boy, was it difficult to put my legs into the required position and maintain it! The nurse was really kind but I found it a very unpleasant experience this time just because of my legs. It just made me realise that there is one other thing I can’t do easily any more. Feel like crying, it was horrible. Teresa xx

Oh poor you, its bad enough at the best of times. Go have a little cry, then CHOCOLATE!! xxx

Hi Teresa,

Poor you, hope you took hunny’s advice and had a good cry and loads and loads of chocalate. The one consolation is yoiu don’t have to have it done to often, but as you’ve got enough to contend with you really don’t want anything else.

Hope you feel better soon.

Janet x x ((((((HUGS))))))

Thanks girls. I hope it won’t be for another 3 years but the nurse reminded me that sometimes they don’t get enough of the right cells and have to repeat it. Oh please no! Teresa xx


I’ll third the chocolate - lots of it!

Karen x

When I last went for a smear in 2010 I actually had an easier time than usual as due to loss of sensation and general numbness didn’t feel a thing!

Ugh I hate smears at the best of times, I always cry afterwards especially since childbirth.

Well done for going though, so many people don’t and its better to be safe than sorry. Glad you had an understanding nurse.

i got a reminder the other day can, t be botherd but i know ive got to go.

its the wrong time of the month thank god for small merceys!

Hi Teresa, oh poor you! It is one of the most humiliating things us girls have to go through.

BUT I would recommend attending these examinations…if I hadnt, I wouldnt be around now.

When I was just 31, I had a smear test which resulted in suspicious cells…I needed an urgent hysterectomy! It took me 5 years to believe I wasn`t about to die of cervical cancer.

Horrible as it is girls, please go for your smears, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, great advice. Glad you got it sorted. I will always go, even if it’s horrible! Teresa xx