ccsvi again.

Hi, it seems that many people need the procedure done more than once. Do you have to pay every time?



There are places that use a high pressure balloon and claim this reduces the chance of restenosis to virtually nil. Otherwise it seems about 50/50 whether you need to have the procedure again and yes, you do have to pay each time.


If I come across £6,000 I'm off to Warswaw for the balloon angioplasty with stenting,followed by a few days in Krakow,then back home via Warsaw for a check up. I had an MRI venogram in Frankfurt two years ago and the veins in my neck were bad then,and 'cos I've slipped a lot since then they must be a sorry sight now. My brain stem was plaqued to -uggery and 'ain't got no better. Apparently that's why I have so much pain in my feet and left hand


My veinous system is tough....................I don't bruise,clot really well if I get a nick and am very difficult to get blood and money out of. Only one person has got a canulla in first time.Seems pointless without the stenting and I reckon micro-bore copper pipe  will suffice.


There is nothing on offer for me from our glorious NHS,so I waste £10 every week on the Lotto.Actually I'd save £6,000  as I abseil with quickening pace into oblivion,in less than 30 years,so who am I kidding?