has anyone had the balloon catheter procedure for M.S.

Hello everyone I am going on trial next week for MS a balloon is inserted through the veins in the neck to the brain to see if there is any blockages and to increase the blood flow a Italian Dr Zamboni did this on his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis with great success, has anyone had this treatment Thank you stevo450

Hi Stevo, over the past few years there have been hundreds of posts about this mainly on the EL board. It’s been very controversial as many people have gone to Eastern Europe and paid an absolute fortune to have the procedure with no good results … however there are plenty of people on the internet who swear it has helped them. The condition is known as CCSVI. And if you post that as the title on the EL board you will get responses. Will be interested to know if it helps you so come back and let us know. Best of luck, Pat x

Hi Stevo

I was dx PPMS in March 2011 and in May that year I paid £8000.00 and went to Bruges for the procedure you speak of. Honest opinion, it didn’t work for me. I am now a full time wheelie, I can’t believe what this shitty disease has done to me.

Saying that, as Pat says, some peoples opinions are in complete contrast to mine but I do think that these days more people are sceptical.

Wish you well,


Yep, I went to Belgium about 18 months ago for CCSVI, although it was more to do with crossing something else off the list than expecting a range of improvements. I still have warmer extremities, which is probably the result of better circulation, but that’s about it.

You mention the procedure is part of a trial and that has to be good, as long as you are not paying for the privilege. Best to keep your expectations in check, because benefits are far from guaranteed.

This was my post after a 6 months review. http://www.mssociety.org.uk/forum/everyday-living/ccsvi-anecdote