Hello Has anyone here with PPMS had the CCSVI proceedure? anyone with any success stories, I heavily looked into this year before last and even had a Dopla done on my jugulars but she said I had perfect bloodflow, I have not yet heard any success stories,  

Hi Lou-lou, I haven't heard of any success with PPMS. The subject is so heated and controversial it's hard to separate fact from fiction. I'm sure if you google it there must be loads of info out there. As yet nobody knows if the success stories will last or if they are temporary or plecebo. 

Someone on these boards spent their life-savings and came back with worse symptoms than they had before and the awful let-down of thinking they would be cured. Can't remember what type of MS they had.

Personally I wouldn't spend a penny on any so-called cure but of course I would probably view it very differently if I was younger of if my MS was more aggressive.

I think PPMS is a very different beast to RRMS... possibly different cause... whole different condition. There's a long way to go with the research... but CCSVI is being researched and if there's anything truly in it they will find out eventually.

If tempted to spend money (which I don't think you are) I would personally advise strongly against it.

Interesting that your blood flow is good... from what I've read, not everyone with MS has ccsvi and some people without MS have ccsvi... all very confusing... confused

Pat x

hiya, of course there are success stories out there, and all of them are by the docs charging a fortune on a procedure that alleviates some discomfort and symptoms, at best, Brian

Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but I'd have a look at this:-,0,2802749.story


           lf you are interested in CCSVI - do google    He is a Canadian dr - who thought his career and life was over when he developed MS. He has had the CCSVI treatment - and it has been very successful.

l try to find as much as l can about it as l am very interested -  and still keeping an open-mind.