Hello Fellow Travellers

i went to see my Neurologist yesterday as had silly legs, stupid restless legs in the night, I would have won the marathon if it was last night. Lol.

My Neurologist told me I have cataracts in both eyes one more advanced than the other. For weeks been squinting, rubbing my eyes, now I know why. Anyone else come across this ?

Thanks for listening just had to say something as I feel like screaming again.


Hi Littleoldme - sorry to hear about your restless legs and cateracts. I don’t know if cateracts are more likely because of MS but they are, of course, an age related issue and I know a couple of older people who are waiting to have their cateracts ‘done’. I supported my Dad, a few years ago now, when he had his second cateract operation (the first one was about 13 years prior to that)… it was a very easy and straightforward op, with a good recovery. I took Dad in to the hospital unit where the op was to take place, and picked him up about 2 hours later - all done and ready to go home. He was instructed not to bend or lift for about a month (if I remember correctly) and there were drops to put in his eye, of course, but it was all very easy and straightforward, so please don’t worry. I expect you’ll be given a date when the more advanced cateract is ‘ready’ to be operated on - the cateracts have to be at a certain stage before they can do the op. I guess the frustrating thing is the not being able to see properly until the op has been done - but it’s usually a very successful operation :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Hazel x

Like Hazel says, cataracts are more an age related thing, than an MS thing.

I was told by an optometrist I really trusted that I had an incipient cataract in my left eye( this was about 10 years back).
This was confirmed by an opthalmologist about 4 years later.
An eye-test last month said incipient cataract in right eye and nothing in left.

Now the optometrist (way back) said that they could develop quite quickly, or very slowly, and could come or go in the earlier stages.

One problem with blurred vision can be that the secretion that keeps the eyeball clean when you blink can get a bit thick for some reason, and smears rather than cleans - in this case, a lot of frantic blinking can clear it. I do not know why this happens.

The only thing I know for sure is that HBOT can trigger an incipient cataract into development. This is the only reason why I have not gone for HBOT myself.

On the positive side, when you have the cataracts done, you can end up with excellent vision without glasses (and can go and buy a really cool pair of shades for when the sun shines.


Hi Littleoldme,

I believe cataracts are a possible consequence of long term or repeated use of medical steroids, but I don’t know whether this applies to you, as not everyone with MS necessarily has steroids often - or at all.

I do not think they (the cataracts, I mean) are at all connected with the MS itself, and you have to bear in mind they are quite common in the general population, so it would probably be impossible to prove a link to steroid medication, even if you’ve had it, as you might be one of those people who would have got cataracts anyway.

They can be linked to diabetes, though. Do you have diabetes, or have you been checked for it? I don’t want to worry you further, but if you are unusually young for cataracts (less than middle-aged, say), your doctor may want to check for other underlying health conditions.

But sometimes it’s just bad luck, and there’s nothing more to it at all.



Cataracts can also be caused by steroid use. I had both eyes done last year and it was a complete doodle and that’s a first class wimp speaking

Thank you everyone. I know cataracts are possible with use of Steroids which I have had many times, but I know they may not be due that. They are sending me for a CT scan to be on the safe side. I lost the use of my left eye when first diagnosed so worried about my vision and not getting them removed quickly.

I get angry at times as I just want to scream at my MS as I know how hard we all try to be as normal as possible, I have the attitude Im fine when people ask me, but I just want to run into a large field and scream

my partner is deaf and he is the nicest kindest man I know, but he does not understand. I am so grateful to be able to come on here and talk with you all. I am in my mid 50’s so I am going to push to get my vision back to normal. I had to laugh at my self this morning as I thought of the film hear no evil see no evil so, still smiling.

Thanks everyone xx

Glad you’re feeling a bit brighter today and able to smile. You can always come on here and there will be someone who understands. It’s good that you’re to have a scan, and I hope you are able to get some answers / help soon re your eyesight.


Hazel x

I hope this helps you. Last year I had both eyes done at the age of 53 after being on insulin for 49 years and steroids for 12 years every single day. Like you I have limited vision in one eye, so it was paramount they sorted the problem quickly for me. The hospital team did just that for me and I now have bionic eyes. I’m now going through the diagnostic process for MS.