Carer who has to stay in hospital

Hi all I have been told I have to have a knee replacement and stay in hospital from 4-5 days. Now the stress of trying to find out what will happen to hubby while I am there and his care when I get home. Has this happened to you and what did you do?

Hi, I can imagine how worrying this is for you.

My hubby is my carer almost 24/7. I get 24 hours paid care via Direct Payments.

He is registered with the local Carers group and they are able to put in 48 hours of emergency care, should he be taken ill.

Do you have such a facility where you are?

If they know your dilemma, Im sure theyll try to sort something out.

Could you hubby go to a respite centre for a few days?


Hi Poll HIS social worker said she will look into something however he had a bad time in respite for the first time in May so I would sooner he stays home with care.

OK. I hope something is sorted soon.


Me again. Has anything been decided?

Sending you my very best wishes for christmas.

luv Pollx