24hr care

My partner’s brother who is 48 has severe MS. He has been in hospital for a couple of months and the social work dept. won’t let him home as they wont give him 24 hour care. His home is all kitted out for his needs. Does anyone know what we should do. He doesn’t want to be in hospital indefinitely and we feel is too young and if he were to be put into a home would become very depressed. Any advice is nuch appreciated.

Could the local carers advocate at the councill advise you ,even if you are not the main carer they can help by telephoning local district nurses .Have the local district nurses been involved they should have your partners brothers needs and wishes on their file to help him,Id try them, and update them if needed.The local ms society should fight your corner and crossroads are usually helpfull .Could your partners brother need a power of attorney,Im my wifes power of attorney and, social workers,etc have to listen to my decisions for my wife on her behalf, and not decide whats best for them,a power of attorny could give your partners brother more respect ,if he struggles to express himself. Hopefully there will be a way to get him home , Frank

Hi, it doesnt sound ideal for your partners brother to be institutionalised at only 48. But has he been asked for his views on the subject?

As his home is all geared up for his needs, then I dont see why he cant return home and have carers go to him.

I know it is encouraged that people do stay in their own homes wherever possible.

You need to speak to the social team at the hospital and ask about putting a care plan into place.

If you get nowhere with that, then ring the Social Services yourself and explain what is happening and what the chap involved would like.

It isnt unreasonable to have carers going into someone`s home several times a day, or for a carer to live in if necessary. This does already happen in many cases.

Good luck.