carbamazipine side effects, how long will they last?

hi everyone, last week my gp put me on carbamazipine to help my nerve pain. I am on amitryptiline and have had gabapentine and when that stopped working I was given pregabalin. That has now stopped working so am trying carbemazipine. Over the last week I had to cut down the pregabalin while increasing the carbemazipine. Yesterday I managed to eliminate totally the pregabalin, and the carbamazipine seems to be working,I am still on a small dose (100 mg am and 200mg pm) I have cut down a bit my amitryptiline (from 70 mg to 40 mg) but the side effects are awful. I feel really sick (although I havent actually been sick). Does anyone know how long this will last? I am not seeing the doctor until Friday. Do I have to cut down on my amitryptiline altogether? Can anyone help me please

Lynne x

hi lynne

i was on carbamazipine a while back and it didn’t agree with me either…made me stagger!!

was taken off it so i don’t if i would ever have got used to it

i would call gp and ask for advise as i was taken off it the minute i complained of side effects

take care