Car Hand Controls - Help!

I had my car modified (left foot accelerator and brake), I was not permitted to drive the car until I had a driving assessment by a driving examiner from the Cornwall Mobility Centre.

The assessment could have been five one hour sessions, however the examiner passed me fit to drive the modified car after the first hour and issued the driving certificate. This certificate had to be sent to the DVLA, who then issued me with a three year restricted licence to drive an automatic car modified to left foot operation, and this is stated on my licence.

All the above, car modification, driving assessment and certificate, was all paid for by myself.

I have just sent of my licence for its three year renewal, and it was stated on the renewal form that I may be required to take a further driving assessment if it is deemed necessary.

So yes, if your car has modified controls, you do need to take a driving assessment examination on the public highway, then with your licence stating the type of modification, of the vehicle you are legally entitled to drive…

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Chris R may be correct but I’ve never had an assessment, just ordered a new car yesterday (via motability) asked for hand controls, the salesman photocopied my licence, said everything was fine, he would sort out hand controls and notify me when car was ready. I am currently driving with hand controls. I’m guessing that Chris R isn’t on motability because motability pay for adaptations. Moyna, good luck with hand controls, it makes life so much easier. Bostick, you will get used to hand controls and be zooming along in no time. Cheryl:-)