Can't Corntrol it...

Can anyone help… I’ve got a really painful corn and everything I see my neuro I forget to mention it. Pre MS/transverse myelitis/ demyelination issues I used to use Scholl Complete Corn Treatment kit & it worked a treat. However, after purchasing it yesterday, I note that the back of the box states not to use if you have diabetes, severe circulatory issues or nerve damage. Do us demyelination folks have nerve damage? I know we have lost the myelin but I is it actually classed as nerve damage? Can is use it? Please help as I just can’t wear any footwear on my good leg. Yours hopingly, Rosey

I had one once on little toe and got the same thing, used them 3 times and nothing wrong with me
It’s a bit like iodine products they say don’t use if you have thyroid issues yet at hospital they still slapped it on everywhere.

I think Scholl is just playing it safe or covering their bottom

Oh also all these treatments contain acid to disolve skin and root, and some acid I guess could be carried around blood stream it’s such a tiny amount.

I had a google and yes they say consult Dr if diabetic etc etc and seeing as I’m also one of them and fine I would not worry.

look at it this way what are you going to do grow a huge corn, I guess you could ask GP to get it freezed off?

Great. Thank you Hobs. Makes sense - it will just dissolve the skin & you’re right, only a micro amount would hit the blood stream. Hopefully the good leg will be back in action soon. Just got to sort it’s mate out! Thanks again.

I could be wrong, but I think it’s because with diabetes, things don’t always heal properly due to circulation problems, so you can end up with an ulcer or worse if you try and remove a corn yourself and then it doesn’t heal. Why it says the nerve damage bit I’ve no idea!

I think it might be because with nerve damage (as with severe diabetes) you can lose feeling in your feet and wouldn’t feel the pain if an infection set in. However, when I had a very painful corn I used the corn treatment plasters even though I often don’t have much feeling in my toes and it worked a treat. There was definitely some feeling there while I had the corn ‘cos it was bloomin’ painful! It was much better without the corn and I wasn’t willing to wait 2 weeks while the GP surgery found me a slot …

Tracey xx

You do have a point Faith I’m also a type 1 but had no problems, however when I was on Tysabri I had a simple iron burn on my forearm and within 4 days it had a hole and was oozing.

First time GP had a go at me for not asking for antibiotics he said with cuts or any chest infection when on Tysabri I should get a course for a week.

The last time I used corn removal was about 3 years ago when I was on Copaxone and no problems.
Never had one since.

I think if you read all the small print carefully on all the medication it usually covers everything including what you are prescribed it for…drug companies covering themselves as said before.