can you help please my husbend has taken a serious decline

Has gone down hill fast this last month he has progressive ms and is struggling Dailey at work . Can he leave Hus self on medical grounds and be able to go straight on to some kind of benefit .

Hi Budda,

I’m sorry that your husband is finding work a struggle.

First step is to see the GP and go off sick.

Your husband’s contract of employment will specify how much time they will make up his Statutory Sick Pay to full pay and then perhaps to half pay. After a period off sick (How long depends on the employer) they will ask for a meeting to discuss the future. If it seems unlikely that a return to work is on the cards your husbands contract will be terminated on ill health grounds.
If your husband has a works pension he can apply to have it paid early.

Your husband should not just leave. This will be classed as voluntary and will effect application for benefits. It is imortant to go off sick first.

There may be steps that the employer can take to make it possible for your husband to carry on working – a change of hours, introduction of aids etc so have a think about this. If it is really the end of the working road your husband will need to apply for Employment Support Allowance.

This is a complex benefit but I won’t blah blah about it now, you can always post again when the time is right.


Nothing to add to Jane’s excellent advice. You cannot declare yourself unfit to work, and immediately start claiming benefits. Usually, termination on health grounds won’t be considered unless the person has already been off sick for some time. If hubby’s not off sick at all, then it’s unlikely he can progress straight to medical retirement.

Resignation - even if it was on health grounds - usually won’t be accepted as a valid reason for leaving work and claiming benefits, because you would need to show that the employer, too, had accepted continuing at the job was impossible, despite all reasonable efforts to help, including reviewing duties and/or hours. If the employee hasn’t been off sick, and there’s been no exploration of how to help them stay in the job, it would be treated as a resignation like any other - nothing to do with health. And unfortunately, people who jump without being pushed usually don’t qualify for any benefits.



Something else to consider is Access to Work. It’s a government thing to help people with disabilities stay in work, and they can provide advice & funding for things like adaptations in the workplace, or travel to & from work.

Reducing his hours at work might be another option too. If he gets DLA he’ll be able to claim working tax credits of he works over 16 hours a week.

Hope you find the support you need and a solution that works.


Thank you all so much x

Just to add to the above…I was off sick for 11 months before getting medical retirement. Catherine Xx


Sorry you both seem to be having such a tough time.

As replies have said above very important for your husband to get signed off of work. I was off work for almost a year with MS symptoms and was referred to Occ Health (Atos) for an assessment and they said I was unfit for work so my employment was terminated due to ill health. Don’t just leave as he will be making himself unable to work not unfit for work. (hope this makes sense).

Hope things get better soon.

Shazzie xx

Thank you

Hi, I was also on the sick for a long time…9 months…before being retired on medical grounds.

It is the only way… to get onto sick pay hun and then benefits.