can we get help

Hi folks two weeks ago my wife after feeling tired etc for months and attending docter had a egg the result was she was rushed in to hospital with total heart block to have a pacemaker fitted now she has to take it easy for a at least six weeks

So I took on her duty so to speak with the result I am now knackered I have a proper uti kidny infection etc and now just about off my legs .

Does anyone no is there any help avalible for a few weeks in scotland our family all stay to far away to help us on a regular basis g


s.t.a.r.s may help. ur hosp or gp will have info/details.

if help with housework/shopping then perhaps a neighbour? i know thats not easy to ask! wee advert in local shop?

help through s/w will take ages!


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hi again

will pm u info about s.t.a.r.s



Hi, perhaps your ms nurse could put you in touch with the local community rehabilitation team (if there is one in your area). They can make an urgent referral to social work but I don’t know how quickly this could take. I’ve had dealings with the community team near glasgow and they are great and really helpful.

Hi, sorry to read of your difficult situation. I would say ring your local social services dept. I know they can be slow…but you`ll have to really stress how urgent your problems are.

Your other replies sound good.

luv Pollx

Thanks every one my sister arrived from other side of country I don’t have a ms nurse was never told about ms nurse

Have,not seen a neuro since December 2013 old neuro consultant retired and some of his patients have been forgotten about.

We had a friend who came in and helped us as well ,looks like we might need to look at direct payments for some longer term help g

hi again. ive been on direct payments for 4 years. couldnt manage without now.

wanna know owt?