Can symptoms switch sides ??

Hello all , just a quick question I’ve had lots of symptoms and for the last month or so mainly on my left side but the past week it’s seems to be my right side which is taking a battering numb tingly fingertips and thumb and right side of my face feels the same also pain in my knee and foot ! Just wondered is it normal for symptoms to change sides ? I’m not dx as of yet seeing my neuro next week for the first time …

My symptoms started on my left side and then moved to my right. My MRI showed brain lesions on both sides which had both increased in size over 2 months, and which were the cause. I hope the neuro appointment goes well for you.

Hi Cody,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but symptoms can occur absolutely anywhere - they don’t have a “favourite side”, which they then stick to. Which part of the body is affected depends entirely on where the lesions form in the brain or spinal cord, which is mostly random.

If your right side has never been affected before, but now is, this is something you should make clear to the neuro next week, as new symptoms mean a new episode. This could affect both diagnosis (generally more than one episode is needed for a firm diagnosis), and what treatment is proposed (depends on frequency of episodes). So do report new or different symptoms, even if they seem quite mild; it might affect your neuro’s views.



Hey man, so wat did the neuro say? U got ms?