can i get pip with RRMS

HI all i need a bit of help i have got RELASPING REMITTING MS just trying to find out

what i can claim as i struggle walking up hills get out of breath quick always fall asleep as soon as i get home

i also play hockey for my local team which i am finding harder to play every week now


Sounds as though you’re still very active so you wouldn’t get anything for mobility.

Daily Living is to help you make life easier by £ for aids etc.

Take the PIP test

8-11 points = standard daily living.

12+ Enhanced

Same for mobility.


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I agree with Jen. If you can play hockey (however well) and walk up hills, chances are you won’t qualify for PIP for Mobility (for the standard rate, the criteria is that you can’t walk further than 50 metres and the enhanced rate it’s 20 metres). But by all means take the self test, there may be some things you need help with for Daily Living.


why not apply for a blue badge, it could be a real help. I agree with the others PIP is very hard to get and the criteria are pretty strict. Yes take the PIP test it will give you an idea what you would get.

Hockey is a hard sport you might be going through one of the bad stages of your RRMS, and perhaps change it to swimming which is less harsh on the body.

Do you smoke? I would be worried why you get out of breath maybe have yourself checked out. You might be carrying a virus or chest infection your not aware of. Whats a hill? LOL.

I’ve just been knocked back for pip and the justification is because I can drive and work in an office. So good luck with your claim. You’ll need it. They are totally ruthless.


just a note i scored 8 on my pips and still got nothing so you must have to score between 9 and 11

It needs to be 8 for Daily Living and/or 8 for Mobility, so if you scored 8 in total between the two, you wouldn’t qualify.

But you can still have a mandatory reconsideration, so long as you’re not out of time (one month from the date of the decision).


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I have been upgraded to spms and I am now trying to fill in the mountain of forms they have sent. Where is the best place to get help with these forms please

The best place is They charge for membership (£20), but their members only guides are excellent. Otherwise, try your local Citizens Advice Bureau for a Advisor to help you complete the forms, or see Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice Remember that evidence is key to making a successful claim. So if you can get evidence (neurologist, MS nurse, physiotherapist, carers, letters etc) to support each point, you have the best chance. Keep in mind that while a lot of claims are unsuccessful, people who request a mandatory reconsideration are often successful, and those who have to appeal to a tribunal most often win. Good luck. Sue

Are you having a laugh? Comments like that make me sick.

If a person can play Hockey they don`t require a BlueBadge.


I’m with Scudger on this one


Me too.


Hubby had MS since 1988 just transferred from DLA high rate for both components awarded standard rate for both pip components with 10 points for each. One of the reasons for not getting some points cos at the f2f I review he said he was fatigued (didn’t) and he didn’t look tired

So long as you are within the month of their decision, you should request a mandatory reconsideration. Use the above links to get more information about how.

If you are outside of that month, you can reapply, it would be treated as a change of circumstances I think rather than a new claim, but again, use the information from either the CAB or Benefits and Work, unless you can get representation from the CAB or another welfare rights advisor.

Best of luck.


Thank you Ssssue

You seem to be quite a fit guy walking up hills and playing hockey Hope it stays like that for you. Years ago I used to take part in all kinds of sport.

Now I can only walk 10 metres max with two sticks after that in a wheelchair, PIP was no problem once they saw me.

Would be interesting to see if you managed to get it…


Hello everyone, I’m a newbie just signed up. I was officially diagnosed with RRMS September it has been a whirlwind of emotions. Fed up of feeling so tired any ideas how I can improve this

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Try the online test. I was only awarded standard daily living back in 2016 when I last had my assessment and was refused mobility but my mobility has got worse since then. If you are able to play hockey they will definatley refuse mobility and chances are you may not get pip at all.

Its not WHAT you have but how it affects you that affects PIP. Its a horrendous form to fill in and intrusive and by the sound of it, you would not get too much. You can play hockey ergo you can run? You can walk? but hill make you out of breath?

Havea look at the questions. i suggest a partner or good friend look with you. I did for my partner and spotted things where he DID have difficulty, but wasn’t aware of it. Others can spot habits in us we overlook.