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can I drink alcohol with 240mg tecfidera?

I want to have some alcohol at Christmas 2021 and don’t want to feel left out as I’m on the medication do I slid the medication or have the medication and drink at the same time!

How much can I drink? What will happen if I do and also has anyone had this experience?

Alcohol in moderation should be ok so long as you leave a gap between taking the medication and drinking. There are some old posts on here about alcohol and Tecfidera you might find helpful to read.

Enjoy your Christmas!

Well I can confirm that it is OK after today. Red wine and gin and tonic and it’s fine!!

Yeah, all the info is in the book that comes with the meds. Alcohol is fine with some caveats.

Yes absolutely, I’m 6years + with Tec and it doesn’t mind a few red wines… although MS has definitely had an impact on my alcohol tolerance. I’m a cheap night out… 3 glasses max and I’m done.