Can I change my plegridy day?

Dear any plegridy users. I currently inject on a Friday morning by Friday evening I have full blown flu which lasts about twelve hours. My question then…can I inject one day earlier because I have a big event and need to get my flu out of the way? It would be a temporary change, just for one injection?

thank you, any advice is much appreciated. ali x

Hi Patience, as I understand it you need to have a minimum of 14 days gap between doses and it can be taken up to 7 days late (but never earlier) but check with your MS nurse. Mine actually rang me to reiterate that advice after my first injection as she thought I had got the wrong end of the stick, She did however say that so long as I stuck to the day the time I took it wasn’t crucial.I originally took it at 6pm (I now take it at 2pm) but in theory could take it 12hrs earlier so perhaps you would be able to take it the evening before?

If you aren’t able to take it early perhaps you could delay it by 24hrs? I was faced with a similar problem when I went to New York. My injection was due on the Mon and I came back on the Wed.(I didn’t want to take my meds in NYas didn’t want the hassle OR the flu whilst I was there lol!) I could have taken it as soon as I returned but was worried about the side effects on top of jet lag, plus injecting on a Monday works for me and I didn’t want to mess up my routine! So I decided to delay my injection by a full week instead! I did discuss all of this with my MS nurse first and she said that as a one off it would be fine.

If I were you I would certainly run it past your nurse and see what she suggests. x

Hi Patience, I manipulate my injection by up to 48 hours, however this was given the go ahead by the Plegridy nurse after long discussion about all my other medications, blood tests, other appointments etc… and also with my M.S. specialist nurse. I am also looked after by a very good GP who monitors things closely. So it was agreed by all but only if everything ticks along nicely.

It has worked for me, there’s no way on this planet I would be able to be ‘normal’ if I had the injection then had to travel or do something useful! So I change the day according to what I need to do. I have delayed it twice, not because I wanted to do something, but because I had a raging temperature and was fighting something off. I figured I needed to know if it would amount to anything needing a Doctor or if it was just blip, I wanted to be clear if the temperature was because I was poorly not because of the Plegridy.

Definitely would discuss it with your GP if you are unsure or specialist nurse. You need to be confident that they support it.