Can anyone help please still waiting to get a dinosged

We’ll couple months back I went Funny one one side of my face and my leg had a little limp time go on iv had a MRI and it has came back normal so I got sent home and I’m waiting to see a neurology for my legs but since iv been waiting I will tell you how I’m feeling my legs feel light then tight and let go most on the left leg I get tingling and pins and needels in them I feel like they lock when I don’t want to get up because I’m locked I get pins and needles in my toes feet hands finger tips also my arms have started to get it there so weak they just ache I get like a wired throbbing at the back of my head I made my little girl a drink and the cup slipped out of my hands today I got a tin of beans out of my Coubord and I droped them my neck hurts when I put my head down sometimes when I’m walking around I will stumble also my eyes do my heading sometimes it’s like some parts of the day I’m okay but the other parts it attacks me also I go numb on the chest left side and it goes to the back of my chest on the same side does this sound like ms ? It’s somthing new everyday

hi anon

sorry to say that nobody has the answers on here.

make a list of what has been happening, when it began, if it changed or stopped.

in other words a timeline.

this will be a good help for your next appointment with the neuro.

at the times of the day when your symptoms flare up, are you particularly tired? have you eaten?

any clues should be added to your timeline.

be careful because your stumbling could lead to falling.

carole x