Can anyone help a newbie out with my neurologist report?


I’m new here

I’ve been reading a few of the forums over the last few weeks and you seem like a lovely helpful bunch so I’m looking for some advice.

I’m diagnosed with M.E.

I’m in the process of investigation for MS after admission to A&E which resulted in an optic neuritis diagnosis.

They asked a neurologist to come take a look at me as I also had some weird sensations - crawling sensations on my skin ,patchy numbness with itching etc .

I’ve received the neurologist report but it’s very confusing . Can anyone help me understand what it means please:

  • “her significant fatigue over the last few years may possibly be part of another neurological problem” (I think this means rather than M.E)

  • “visual acuity is 6/12”

  • “gait was normal with encouragement “ (I was in pain with something else but didn’t mention this to the doctor)

  • “a little caution on some of the power testing but it was normal”

  • “patchy sensory loss over the left arm and leg

  • brisk reflexes with 4 beats of clonus in left ankle

I’ve been referred for an MRI of my spine and brain in a couple of weeks time.

What is the doctor saying ?

Hi Jane

I wouldn’t get too stressed about what the neurologist is actually saying. What’s important is that s/he is arranging for brain and spine MRI. I’ve never been too bothered about what all the different test results: ‘brisk reflexes’, ‘clonus’, ‘visual acuity’, ‘power testing’ (maybe this relates to super powers), etc mean. Ultimately, it’s all a bit meaningless without either talking to the neurologist or having test results.

I hope you don’t have a long wait for your MRI, nor for the results of the MRI thereafter. I think you’ll get a fuller picture after that. And in the meantime, try not to worry too much about it.

Come back to us and let us know what happens next.


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Hi, Thanks for posting :slight_smile: I’m not worried about the report . I was really just wondering if anyone had any ideas about clonus / brisk reflexes etc . Are these considered normal ?

I assume that the report was sent to your GP, copied to you? If so, you could ask your GP for a translation into English - she/he should be able to have a go at that.

Not speaking neurological, I can’t help with the technicalities, I’m afraid. Quite honestly, I think you might as well wait until the scan results are available and see what that tells them - and you. That’s the big show in town, I think.