Has anyone had their last Campath cancelled due to it being withdrawn. My son had his 3rd and last recommended treatment cancelled last year by a new neuro. It was supposed to be last June, but he said they were recommendin two years between treatments now, so he should have it this year but he has had no word it will be cancelled or anything. But reading about it on the net it doesnt look good. He has just had his first relapse.

I havent been on here for 6 months or so, maybe I missed a lot of hullaballoo about it.


Yes there was a bit of a hullaballo. Here is a link to the story.

Here’s the latest news - it looks as though all people who are due their next infusion will get it. I do hope your son is one of them.


Thanks for that David, interesting reading. Thanks lapreguiceira too. From reading that link though it looks like it is only the neuros that had people already on it. Unfortunately my son’s neuro, Bogild, has run off to Aus (is he jumping a sinking NHS ship I wonder) so I don’t know if this new one will let him finish his course . He has as to go back next week, think he may have to be a bit pushy about it otherwise no one will bother. This relaps has given him a bit of a fright I think.

Thanks again for replies.